Laser Curettage in Mission, TX

What is Laser Bacterial Reduction?

Laser bacterial reduction, also known as LBR, is a common procedure that is done during routine cleanings. A non-cutting laser is aimed directly into the gingival pockets that form around the teeth. The laser eradicates any bacteria in this area, preventing the spread and progression of gum disease. Laser bacterial reduction is incredibly beneficial and can improve the overall health of your mouth.

Why would you need Laser Bacterial Reduction?

You may need LBR if you have gingivitis or gum disease. It may even be recommended during routine cleanings, as it prevents bacteria from infiltrating sensitive gum tissue and infecting the area around the teeth. Laser bacterial reduction uses a laser that is painless yet effective. It can be a great option for patients wanting to improve the health of their gums.

What makes you a candidate for Laser Bacterial Reduction?

If you're interested in laser bacterial reduction, we can provide this while we are doing a cleaning. The procedure takes a very short period of time and can be done in conjunction with your dental hygiene appointment. Laser bacterial reduction is beneficial to those who want to improve the state of their gums or who already have periodontal disease and want to keep it from spreading. The procedure is done quickly and painlessly in our office.

What can you expect with Laser Bacterial Reduction?

First, you will receive laser bacterial reduction that works by aiming a high-frequency laser into the gum pockets around the teeth. This laser effectively eradicates any bacteria in the area. Your dental cleaning is done and the gums allowed to heal naturally without bacteria infecting them. The procedure can be done on healthy gums as well as infected or diseased tissue. LBR has become one of the most crucial components of routine periodontal treatment in the dental field.

If you are interested in laser bacterial reduction or want to know more about this procedure, call us today and our helpful staff members can better assist you.

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